Timeline of Events in Caledonia, Ontario

Last Updated: November 4, 2020

July 19-20, 2020Six Nations members occupy a construction site owned by Foxgate Developments Inc., located at 1535 McKenzie Road, renaming it 1492 Land Back Lane
July 30, 2020Foxgate Developments Inc. obtains an interim injunction against occupiers of the construction site
August 5, 2020Ontario Provincial Police attempt to enforce Foxgate’s interim injunction of July 30, 2020. 9 persons are arrested.   Argyle Street and the Highway 6 bypass of Caledonia are blockaded.   Multiple fires are set at or near 6th Line in Caledonia. Firefighters are unable to attend to their duties and are required to leave out of fear for their safety.

Truck tires, construction skids, and an accelerant are used to fuel fires across the highway. A porta-pottie is thrown from an overpass onto the Highway 6 bypass.

CN rail lines are blockaded. A rail switch on the CN rail line is damaged.
August 5-6, 2020Occupiers return to the construction site and have occupied it ever since.

Blockades erected on Argyle Street and Highway 6 (removed August 21, 2020)
August 7, 2020Foxgate Developments Inc.’s interim injunction extended further to August 25, 2020.   Corporation of Haldimand County obtains interim injunction prohibiting the prevention of access and use of public highways and roadways in the Haldimand County catchement area
August 21, 2020Blockades erected on Argyle Street and Highway 6 removed after 15 days
August 25, 2020Injunctions for both parties further extended

Skyler Williams added as a party
October 5, 2020OPP attempt to effect an arrest in Ancaster, Ontario; OPP cruiser & civilian vehicle damaged

Blockades erected on Argyle Street and Highway 6 Bypass
October 6, 2020Blockades erected on Argyle Street and Highway 6 Bypass removed after 1 day
October 9, 2020 (Reasons released October 16, 2020)Injunctions for both parties further extended

Skyler Williams’ participation in proceedings contingent on compliance with existing orders
October 21, 2020Rocks and a pail of feces thrown at OPP parked on Argyle Street by McKenzie Meadows demonstrators; OPP cruiser damaged
October 22, 2020 (Reasons released October 29, 2020)Skyler Williams’ pleadings struck

Permanent injunctions granted to both parties
October 22-23, 2020OPP attempt to effect an arrest at ‘6 x 6 Safety Zone’ (corner of Argyle Street & 6th Line); multiple cruisers heavily damaged   Blockades erected on Argyle Street, Highway 6, McKenzie Road & Highway 6 Bypass   Construction equipment valued at 2.1 million stolen from construction site at Highway 6 Bypass; some equipment used to dig large trenches on each road being blockaded

A schoolbus parked at the Caledonia Baptist Church (behind the blockade) is stolen and used to further reinforce the barricade on Highway 6   Gates to transformer station on Argyle Street damaged

A set of CN railway tracks are dug up, and warning lights knocked over

Multiple fires set on roads; a hydro pole is set on fire on Argyle Street   Approximately 1,200 hydro outages across Caledonia; 4 homes left without hydro after most residents’ hydro is restored (hydro to these 4 homes is not restored until November 2, 2020)
October 28, 2020Widespread hydro outages across Haldimand & Norfolk due to Hydro One having to reroute power from the Caledonia Transformer Station
October 29, 2020Costs awarded to Foxgate Developments Inc. & Haldimand County against Skyler Williams in written reasons from October 22, 2020 hearing
November 2, 2020Hydro restored to remaining 4 homes behind blockades after 10 days without power after hydro pole set on fire on Argyle Street
November 16, 2020OPP & County Sheriff attend at blockades to read and post final injunction

Notice of Action issued
October 22, 2020-???Blockades remain